Ayako Will Came!

ayako ootsuka

At the first ever exhibition in New York by Ayako Otsuka, her 30 year career as an embroidery designer shares with you to see another world of stitching and its future possibility. You can not miss her new works in great atomosphere and you will also touch her enthusiasm as a researcher in the special event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2010/10/23.、24 (23th Reception at Midtown Terrace)
MIDTOWN LOFT(http://www.midtownloft.net/)
267 Fifth Avenue, 11th floor, New York, NY 10016
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall in Ruth and Harold D. Uris Center for Education

Antonio Ratti Textile Center

Throughout her career, Ayako’s work has been showcased by many major companies, including Toyota (2006 calendar), MisterDonut (2004 calendar), the Florida Department of Citrus, Herbis Ent in Osaka, and many others. She has been a regular instructor for NHK, a Japanese broadcasting corporation. Ayako has served as the supervisor for the Japanese language editions of Betty Barnden books, and numerous books of her own unique embroidery work
have been published by such prestigious companies as Shogakukan, Bunka-publishing and NHK. Ayako enjoys teaching her unique styles of stitching on white embroidery, botanical embroidery, stump work and more at her own studio, Ecru.